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Nov 8 15 8:44 PM

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We have enabled the IFTTT support for Hook!!
Checkout the blog post on getting started. Share us your cool recipes once you get it going!
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Nov 9 15 8:16 PM

I just made simple "DO" buttons in IFTTT. Interesting I was unable to "Create" recipes in "DO" via my computer but easily made them on the iPhone App. So "DO" looks like a new service (By IFTTT) that allows you to press buttons on your mobile device to trigger events. The Maker's Channel is there as an option. So I have a "Device #3 ON Button an Device #3 Off Button. You just slide windows to go back and forth. Not a deep recipe but it works. "Do's" have no ability to publish recipes but its pretty simple.

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Nov 10 15 6:05 PM

IFTTT Arrival Home Trigger for iOS

IFTTT Recipe: Hook/iOS - Arrive at Home Trigger connects ios-location to maker

I created this in IFTTT to trigger my fountain, music to come on when I came home. I guess I could trigger my lights too, but they would come on when I came home even during the day. The sharing for IFTTT does not appear to be working but if you click on the "Recipe loading" it will open.

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Nov 15 15 3:37 PM

Hi Rahil , sure here you go ..
You have to say "Alexa trigger followed by phrase" I am just loving it as I can now control the devices with voice.

Looking to do something similar with "Google Now"

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#12 [url]

Nov 26 15 4:51 PM

Alexa: Avoiding the word "trigger" in favor of just "Alexa turn on light"

Is there a way/plan to be able to avoid using the maker channel to just be able to say, "Alexa turn on main light", rather than "Alexa trigger turn on main room light"? It appears that the hook would be need to be recognized as a "smart device" per Alexa.


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#13 [url]

Nov 26 15 8:34 PM

Holiday lights, DO buttons for visitors

Hi all! I'm Robert from the Hook team.
Nothing too crazy, but I made a recipe for my dining room lamp and Christmas lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise - promotes home safety, energy savings, and convenience. When they click on in the afternoon, it's fun to look at everyone and say, "Sunset!"
My mom is staying in the room with the Christmas tree, so I made her a DO button to turn off the lights at her leisure. She wakes up before me, so I also made her a DO button to start the coffee in the morning.
Can't wait for the app and graphical interface!
Hook Business Manager

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#14 [url]

Nov 27 15 8:11 PM

sendhb wrote:
Is there a way/plan to be able to avoid using the maker channel to just be able to say, "Alexa turn on main light", rather than "Alexa trigger turn on main room light"? It appears that the hook would be need to be recognized as a "smart device" per Alexa.


Not with the initial release. We do plan to have native Echo support soon after. 

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#15 [url]

Nov 28 15 8:18 PM

I've noticed that the access token changes for IFTTT every time that I log out and log back in on github. This is causing problems with my Tasker integration and I'm sure it will be a problem for other applications also. Why is the access token changing?

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#16 [url]

Nov 30 15 11:06 AM

So for the beta, we didn't implement generating a separate accesstoken for ifttt url's and used the same Auth token as your current session. However your accesstoken from previous session with should be valid, the ttl has been configured to a large value.

For the production service we are taking care of it properly.

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#17 [url]

Dec 12 15 11:18 AM

access token

I am noticing that my access_token is changing. Why is it doing this, and is there a way to prevent this? Do I just avoid signing in and out of the website? I am getting issues with my IFTTT recipes causing them not to work anymore unless I update them with the new access code. I have a lot of IF recipes and DO button recipes I've created now, so it takes awhile to update the URLs for them all. By the way I thought about using a tiny URL converter but I didn't want them to be public so if you have any suggestions there for simplifying entering the URLs that would be helpful

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#18 [url]

Dec 12 15 11:33 AM

alexa trigger word

I don't mind using the 'trigger' word for IFTTT, since I have it setup such that the verb "trigger" takes the place of the verb "turn". 

For example, I would say: 'Alexa' + 'trigger' + 'office light ON', or 'Alexa' + 'trigger' + 'office light OFF', which uses less words, and is easier to say than 'Alexa' + 'trigger' + 'turn on office light'. By the way, if you use the microphone on the remote for the Echo, you don't have to say the word 'Alexa', so then it becomes an even simpler phrase, such as, 'trigger' + 'office light ON'. 

For native Hook integration, I think you would still have to have some sort of unique word that the Echo would need, in order to recognize the command, although I could be mistaken by that. 

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#19 [url]

Dec 13 15 12:27 AM

You can use any access_token for ifttt

@Clearbluesky each time you log out and log back in, the beta app does generate a new accesstoken but it doesn't invalidate your old token. So you should be able to use the current session's IFTTT URL and still log out of the current app. I know it is far from ideal and we have already taken feedback and fixing it for production version.

As I had written detail on for the production app we are taking care of this problem scenario by having a single longterm accesstoken, expiry and renewal of which you would be able to control.

Last Edited By: krazineurons Dec 13 15 12:33 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#20 [url]

Dec 15 15 10:17 AM

My token also changes couple of weeks ago and I have redo the entore setup again, now the issue is toekn is working fine from IFTTT but the actual hook dashboard doesn't show my device.
Kind of strange, have tried from multiple places and devices with same result

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